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Intruder Alarm Kit Plus IA-230

£480.00 £379.00 Inc VAT £315.83 Ex VAT

  • Easy to Install
  • Zone Control for Part-Arming
  • 868MHz Frequency
  • Expand System with up to 30 Accessories
  • 1 Year Guarantee
  • Phone Call Notification for Alarm Activation
  • Not Smart or Bluetooth Compatible
  • Pre-Linked for Easier Set-Up
  • Contactless Control
  • 200m Extended Wireless Range

Convenient and simple to use, the intruder alarm kit plus sends phone alerts when alarm is triggered. The contactless control means alarm can be disarmed with a quick tap of the tag, whilst the extended range, of up to 200m, allows you to secure all areas of the home including outbuildings. Features enhanced encryption, reducing the risk of interference. Alarm can be part-armed whilst in the house, and up to 30 accessories can be added to the system as necessary, as well as having pet friendly motion detectors allowing pets to roam freely.




The Yale Intruder Alarm Kit Plus alerts you when triggered, and allows you to disarm your alarm with a simple tap of your Contactless tag.

Contactless Control

Disarm your alarm with one simple tap

Extended Wireless Range

Secure all areas of your home within a 200m range

Phone Call Alerts

Receive immediate phone alerts when your alarm is triggered

No Monthly Fee

No Hidden costs and no contracts

Enhanced Encrypted Security

Professional level security, reducing the risk of interference


Secure your home even when you are in, with zone control

Increased Range

Ideal for protecting all sizes of home, this 200m long reach range is ideal for protecting your shed, garage and home within one system, without the need for a signal booster.

Contactless Control

Using the Yale contactless Tag, you can now disarm your alarm with a simple tap of your tag on the control panel. The simplicity of the tag also makes this ideal for friends and family, who can then disarm your alarm without the need for you to share and remember your PIN code.

Phone Call Alerts

We hope that your alarm is never needed, however should it be triggered your alarm will call up to 4 pre-programmed phone numbers with an alert so that you stay in full control.

Enhanced Encrypted Security

A DIY alarm system with professional features. The Intruder Alarm range has bi-directional encrypted wireless technology and will notify you in the event a device is tampered with.

The new wireless technology reduces exposure to interference for a stronger signal and more reliable system, with added security features such as anti-jamming and high security encryption for ultimate peace of mind.

Pet Friendly

Pet Friendly Sensors Allow your pets to roam free, whilst your home is secure, thanks to Yale’s Pet Friendly Motion Detectors. Ideal for homes with free roaming pets with a combined total weight of under 27kg.


Expand your Intruder Alarm system with up to 30 additional accessories – allowing you to customise your system depending your individual needs and security requirements.

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