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Ava Security

Ava Security

Ava started with the people. A small core group of engineers got together to find an industry where they could merge innovation, passion, and simplicity to help people reach their greatest potential. Their attention was drawn towards the world of security—indispensable to modern work, yet often overlooked and taken for granted. Organisations needed the tools to understand if something was happening in real-time to keep their people safe and their premises protected.

Ava began in 2018, and the two companies merged in 2020. Four years later, we’ve embarked on the path to delivering cloud-native video security to enterprises around the world.

In 2022, Motorola Solutions has acquired London-based Ava Security Ltd, a global provider of cloud-native video security and analytics. This acquisition means that the Group strengthens its global dominance in the video surveillance industry and especially in the area of video analysis.

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  • Ava Compact Dome 5MP, IR, 3.2 mm, with 120 Days Retention | White

  • Ava Compact Dome 5MP, IR, 3.2 mm, with 30 Days Retention | White

  • Ava Compact Dome 5MP, IR, 3.2 mm, with 60 Days Retention | White

  • Ava Quad 4x, 5MP, IR, 3.7-7.7 mm with 30 Days Retention | Black