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GJD Manufacturing Ltd are industry leaders in the external detector equipment space. Based in Heywood, Greater Manchester, they have over 32 years’ experience in the security industry. They take great pride in developing new, innovative designs, utilising the latest technology, and implementing state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques.

GJD is a British manufacturer who run one of Europe’s most advanced detection and illumination development programmes.

Their detectors and illuminators reliably detect intrusion, providing industry leading human detection, illumination, and deterrent solutions.

Their main drive is to be truly world class. Striving every day to continue to deliver excellence in their security and lighting solutions.

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  • GJD 710

    GJD 710 | Comms GSM Speech, Text Dialler

    £199.00 Inc VAT £165.83 Ex VAT
  • GJD 830R

    GJD 830R | Detector Motion Ext D-Tectx R30 Ricochet

    £220.00 Inc VAT £183.33 Ex VAT
  • GJD Lighting

    GJD Lighting Control Emerald 3000 MK3 Dual-Zone | GJD010

    £87.00 Inc VAT £72.50 Ex VAT
  • GJD020

    Opal XL 35m PIR Motion Detector – GJD020

    £69.00 Inc VAT £57.50 Ex VAT