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Suprema is a leading global provider of access control, time & attendance and biometrics solutions. By combining world renowned biometric algorithms with superior engineering, Suprema has introduced innovations to the security industry over the last decades. Suprema’s extensive range of portfolio includes biometric access control systems, time & attendance solutions, fingerprint live scanners, mobile authentication solutions and embedded fingerprint modules. Suprema is named the world’s top 50 security manufacturers and has a worldwide sales network in over 140 countries with no.1 market share in biometric access control in EMEA region.

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  • Suprema BioEntry P2 Fingerprint Multi-RFID Reader | BEP2-OD

    £630.00 Inc VAT £525.00 Ex VAT
  • Suprema BioEntry W2 Fingerprint Dual-RFID NFC/BLE IP Reader | BEW2-ODPB

    £768.00 Inc VAT £640.00 Ex VAT
  • Suprema BioLite N2 Fingerprint Dual-RFID IP67 Reader | BLN2-ODB

    £898.00 Inc VAT £748.33 Ex VAT
  • facial recognition

    Suprema Facestation 2 Reader Face Recognition Dual RFID

    £1,500.00 Inc VAT £1,250.00 Ex VAT
  • Suprema XPass 2

    Suprema XPass 2 Dual RFID Card Reader – XP2-GDPB

    £450.00 Inc VAT £375.00 Ex VAT
  • Suprema Xpass 2 Outdoor Compact RFID XP2-GKDPB

    £588.00 Inc VAT £490.00 Ex VAT
  • Suprema XPass 2 Outdoor Dual-Frequency RFID Reader – XP2-MDPB

    £420.00 Inc VAT £350.00 Ex VAT
  • Suprema Xpass D2 Dumb RFID Keypad Reader |XPD2-GKDB

    £252.00 Inc VAT £210.00 Ex VAT
  • Suprema Xpass D2 Dumb RFID Reader | XPD2-GDB

    £156.00 Inc VAT £130.00 Ex VAT