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Videx 3171 | VX2200 Audio Handset

£50.00 Inc VAT £41.67 Ex VAT

This handset includes two push-buttons and an adjustable volume control switch. It has a door lock release and an auxiliary button which can be used to trigger other devices such as an electric lock or stair lighting.

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The Art. 3171 is a digital intercom based on the “2 Wire BUS”, it includes a door-open button and a service button plus an electronic call tone with a 3 level volume control which can be adjusted by the user. Internally, the intercom, has an 8 way dip-switch to set the PHONE ID, a terminal board with 6 terminals for connection to the bus and other connections and a trimmer (VR1) to adjust the microphone volume. With the 3000 Series it is possible to connect up to 180 intercoms on the same system. If required it is possible to give the same address for a max. of 3 intercoms (for applications that require more units in the same apartment). The door-open push button on the Art. 3171 is also “call to concierge” (if there is one on the system) push button, while the “ ” push button works on the terminals “SW SW” (Max 30Vac/dc 0,2A) of the terminal board.

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