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Paxton Switch2 controller – 12V 1A PSU, Plastic housing 242-166

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Switch2 is a single door control unit. The control unit stores the access permissions of the user and is mounted within the building. This makes the system suitable for high-security applications.



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Switch2 can be used with PROXIMITY, CARDLOCK or TOUCHLOCK readers. Switch2 can be installed to many doors over a site, all using the same tokens. Two readers can be connected to a single unit to give read-in and read-out access control.

Installation – There is a label on the Switch2 unit that clearly shows connections for a reader, lock, power supply etc. The Switch2 has a voltage-free relay output and so can switch any lock or electrical device. Door contacts can be connected to the unit. An output is available when used with door contacts to give a door forced alarm.

Once installed with PROXIMITY or CARDLOCK readers, present the enrolment card to the reader. All the tokens in the pack are now valid. If using TOUCHLOCK, set-up is via the keypad using the master code.

Operation – The operation of Switch2 depends on the mode.

PROXIMITY and CARDLOCK. User tokens are valid and ready for use once installation is complete. Every user token is supplied with a corresponding shadow card. As user tokens are issued, the name of the user is marked on the shadow card. If a user is to be barred, or a user token is lost, the shadow card marked with the user’s name is presented to all readers on site. This simple action invalidates the user token. Another user token may be issued for that user.

Additional features can be programmed using the PROXIMITY or CARDLOCK function card pack. These features include zoning which allows you to limit access by token colour.

TOUCHLOCK. If a valid code is entered access is granted. Codes are changed via the keypad using the master code.

PROXIMITY KP keypad. Choose card + code, card + PIN, card only or code only.

Instruction Manual.

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